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Saya Hibino is from Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan. She was born into a family that has been in KIMONO ( Japanese Textile) business for many generations in Kyoto.
From early age she gained a valuable appreciation of unique and one of a kind artistic/artisanal designs and creations where she was surrounded by roomfuls of silk patterns colorfully painted.
As a teen, she spent much of her time photographing and drawing the life she observed in Kyoto: Geishas, Tea Houses, Temples and People.
The images still remain in her vision, and her ethereal jewelry translates the imperial elegance she remembers, into silhouettes of gold and silver.

Saya is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City where she spent much of her time refining her jewelry making skills and paying careful attention to textures and materials.
She gets inspirations from textile designs such as antique laces. She transfers the textures of the lace into the metal and creates pieces that would complement the female body's natural elegance.
The combinations of delicate and detailed lace patterns and strong metal allow her to created unique and delicate jewelry which have strong presences.

She was chosen as a finalist for GEN ART INTERNATIONAL DESIGN COMPETITION 2008.

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